Свечана додела награде Туристички цвет 15. децембра 2022. године


Although a good part of the summer is behind us, it is not too late to stay and enjoy the river. Whether you decide on the rapids of the Drina or Lima. For the calm waters of the Tisza or the Sava. Recognizable meanders of the West Morava. Or magnificent views of the Danube. Find your corner, your sunbed, your wave and a view of the river. Experience Michaelma dawns with the most beautiful view.

Research shows that people who live by the river are healthier and happier. And every stay on the river relaxes and has a healing effect. The sound and sight that soothes, resets the body, directs thoughts towards new ideas. The smell of the river and the freshness that lulls you to sleep and enables a beneficial rest before new tasks and daily routines.

miholjska jutra

It is not unusual that many rivers are sung in songs with which we rejoice and mourn. Inspiration for poets, painters for centuries, and today - a privilege for every traveler. Even the cold water won't stop the brave from swimming. The courageous will enjoy rafting, fishermen will wait for their catch to tell a story, children will try out the river shallows, history lovers will study the fortresses on the river.

Experience the freshness of the river and the relaxing view. Stare at the river and preserve the peace the river will take you to.

miholjska jutra

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