Свечана додела награде Туристички цвет 15. децембра 2022. године


Sunny mornings and warm days will soon be replaced by gray and rainy clouds. This autumn, you can choose to remind yourself of summer or to prolong the atmosphere of summer by staying in one of the sunniest places in Serbia - on Golija mountain. This September, find your ray of sunshine waiting for you in the village of Rudno.

Enjoy dense forests, endless pastures, mountain rivers, hills that beckon you to be active. Rudno village is an ideal place for nature lovers, a family holiday and a place for those who know how to enjoy peace and quiet.


On the slopes of Golija mountain, at 1100 meters above sea level, there is a village with the most beautiful air to breathe. The air of the village of Rudno pleases everyone because of the unique rose of winds that cross the air currents from the sea and the mountains.

The beauty of central Serbia is calling you to extend this year's vacation and breathe in the energy you need for the days to come.

Experience Rudno. Experience Golija in September.

golija biciklizam

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