Guests from all over the world are coming to Belgrade again on the waves of the Danube. After a break caused by the pandemic, cruisers returned to rivers in Serbia last year. This year, even more ships are expected, a good docking in ports and a pleasant stay for tourists in Serbian cities.

kruzeri na Dunavu

Expectations are high, and the start of the season is promising. More than 100 cruisers with about 10,000 passengers from all over the world have already arrived in Belgrade - Japan, Mexico, America, Canada, Israel. 700 new ships have been announced by the end of the season, which means that 90,000 tourists and about 30,000 crew members will visit Belgrade alone. In the capital, 200 kilometers of river banks, promenades, enjoyment and amusement await them. Many of them will continue to Novi Sad, Golubac and Donji Milanovac, some of the largest ports.

Every guest can expect a warm welcome. It is an ideal opportunity to show travelers the most beautiful sites of the capital, but also other cities, which will inspire them to return.

In nautical tourism, trips are planned and scheduled a year in advance. Therefore, how many guests from the river we will have next year entirely depends on proving ourselves good hosts this year.

kruzeri na Dunavu - Golubacka tvrdjava

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