A mountain where you can ski, rest and relax, enjoy the view, but also experience adventure. In summer, the Old mountain is also a mountain for heavenly running.

stara planina mountain

The Skyrunning and trail race is being held for the ninth time this June on the Old mountain. Hundreds of runners in one place to achieve or raise their goals, to socialize and enjoy. 

stara planina mountain

According to their choice and possibilities, the competitors choose the difficulty of the trail. The environment and atmosphere are a gift of nature. Skyrunning competition on the Old mountain is a must-attend event in the world of mountain running, which attracts more and more participants every year, and at the same time promotes the potential of this untouched mountain in terms of adventure and active vacation. This discipline includes running on mountain peaks and undeveloped terrains, technical sections and vertical runs. 

A race in which there are winners, but no losers, since spending time in nature like this, conquering peaks and overcoming the most beautiful natural obstacles is a kind of reward for all participants.

Experience the Old Mountain and choose your way to its top.

stara planina mountain

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