Свечана додела награде Туристички цвет 15. децембра 2022. године


Every autumn, thousands of guests come to Kikinda due to good hosts and geography. In order to describe how flat that city is, the local joke goes: "Climb the pumpkin and you will see the whole town of Kikinda and half of Banat district".

While the people of Kikinda climed pumpkins, the event celebrating them climbed to the very top of Serbia's tourist offer. Since its foundation in 1986, when it gathered only local residents, it has become an event of international character that attracts pumpkin lovers from the entire region.

It will be again determined who dedicated themselves  to pumpkins the most, who nurtured them, who managed to produce the biggest one, and who made the tastiest cake out of it. Everything is weighed, everything is measured, but what‘s mostly judged is good mood and the September party in Kikinda.


All in the color of a pumpkin, all in a festive mood, all cordial and ready to show the pumpkin they are proud of. Children in costumes, singers excited. Housewives with practiced recipes. A jury with a sharp eye to declare the very best.

dani ludaje kikinda

And this September, on the third weekend in this month makrked by pumpkins, the people of Kikinda, who will paint the town orange and prepare entertainment, invite you to a traditional event, a celebration of sports, fun, youth and joy. Welcome to The Pumpkin (“Ludaja“) Days.

dani luadje kikinda

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